Serving Teams

Serving Teams

The governing body of the church is its members. However, all the decisions and business of the church cannot take place at our quarterly business meetings. Therefore, serving teams are elected to make decisions for the church and take care of different responsibilities for the church. All serving teams are accountable to the church. The Senior Pastor serves as the chief administrator and spiritual leader of the church’s work and programs; therefore, all serving teams work closely with the Senior Pastor and keep him informed about their plans and progress. Only members of Emmanuel may serve on these teams, however all those who attend Emmanuel may serve in various ways throughout the church and it’s work.

Budget & Finance

Oversee the budget and finances of the church. Make recommendations for church expenditures.

Chairman: Kenny Watson

Building & Grounds

Inspection and periodic maintenance of property, furniture, buildings and equipment. The committee recommends contractors and assists in maintaining the buildings grounds and furnishings and their use.

Chairman: Bill Farmer

Children & Preschool

To assist the children’s pastor in planning, organizing, growing and developing the children’s and preschool ministries.


Serve the college community engaged at EBC in participation through programs at EBC and in conjunction with the BCM.

Chairman: Steve Ralston

Committee on Committees

Committee on Committees discover & enlist church members to serve on church and ministry committees.

Chairman: Bryan Sperle


Count the church offering each week. Prepare reports and make deposits.

Chairman: Debbie Nikkel


Serve as liaison between the EBC Child Development Center and Emmanuel Baptist Church in the organization and operation procedures. Review finances and operations of the daycare.

Chairman: Tracy Barker


The evangelism committee works alongside the pastor in planning, promoting, and advertising a program of evangelism in the church. We prepare for annual revivals. We provide opportunities for church members to serve our community through events like the hot dog feed in local neighbors.

Chairman: Kelly Metscher


Greeters will assist in welcoming visitors and members into the church building. Greeters will also intentionally introduce themselves to any guest they do not recognize.

Chairman: Debbie Davis


Maintain the church minutes and history. To use our history to get people excited about our future!

Chairman: Derrick Barker


Primarily in charge of funeral meals and help with revival and guest speaker hospitality meals.

Chairman: Karen Antwine


To study and recommend insurance coverage at the least cost. Works with insurance companies in making claims and adjustments.

Chairman: Ron Adams


To oversee the operation of the church kitchen for food service operations. To coordinate, plan and serve church-wide meals and fellowships. To purchase paper goods and other items for the kitchen.

Chairman: Jody Lang

Library Advisory Board

To organize and promote the church’s library.


Serve as an advisory board in assuming mission opportunities are known and mission opportunities are available (both logistically and financially).

Chairman: Lennie Otey


To assist the Associate Pastor for worship as needed in growing and developing the music programs and worship of the church.


Recruits and recommends church members for service in different roles within the church.

Chairman: Debbie Wright


Works with the pastor in formulating and recommending for church approval, policies and procedures related to church employed personnel in the areas of: staff needs, employment, salaries, benefits, vacations, duties and privileges.

Chairman: Larry Wright

Senior Adult

Plan and organize gatherings, outings and trips for the senior adults of our church to attend.

Chairman: Sharon Lawrence

Shower & Basket

Coordinate the giving of weddings and baby showers, or wedding and baby gift baskets by our church.


Oversees service maintenance, safety inspections and tags for vehicles. Works with Pastor and staff on recommendations to the church about trade or purchase of vehicles. Recommends budget requests to the committee for needs of church owned vehicles.

Chairman: Steve Wichert


The ushers are in charge of order in the service and offering for each Sunday service. They assist in counting and helping members if a need arises in services or in the nursery. They also walk the grounds during service to ensure the safety of the church.

Chairman: Richard Metscher


Recommend and implement ways to promote Emmanuel through our website, app, publicity, and other medias.

Chairman: Courtney Freeborn


Serve as advisory group for all aspects of youth ministry at EBC, as well as assist in events when needed.

Chairman: Tracy Barker