Why Choose Us?


  • State of the art facilities built in 2014.
  • Outdoor fenced in play area.
  • Indoor play area, full size gym available in inclement weather.
  • Covered driveway.
  • Commercial Kitchen used to prepare healthy meals.
  • Reception & check-in area.
  • Park and swimming pool within walking distance for special events.


  • Peace of mind for parents while kids are at EBC.
  • Basement available as storm shelter in inclement weather.
  • Locking keypad at front door that ensures everyone check in at front desk.
  • Digital check-in/check-out system for all children.
  • Security cameras in every classroom that are monitored on a daily basis.


EBC Child Care Center offers a variety of Christian based programs for children of all ages. For more information, please see our Programs Offered page.


All our staff goes through a screening process and are qualified to meet the needs of your children. All staff must undergo continuing education and training on a regular basis.


  • Provides transportation before and after school for children that attend Weatherford Public Schools.
  • Transportation for half-day kindergarten students: morning, midday and afternoon.
  • Provides transportation for field trips to the public library, park, swimming pool, etc.

Call Now to Enroll – (580) 772-3040!