I will be traveling to Madrid this Saturday to work with an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that for
security reason I will not name. We will be working with Muslim Refugees from primarily Morocco. Most missions trips that I go on are either to assist local churches or ministries (much like we are currently doing in Latvia) or to help with a Spiritual Harvest of new believers. In Madrid its a little bit different. You wont see many pictures of us leading people to Christ or us singing bible stories in apartment complexes. Why? We crave the Harvest, we love hearing stories and being apart of the Harvest. Just like around Weatherford, the scene of cotton or hay fields ready to be harvested is beautiful. Think of this mission trip not as the Harvest View of ministry but more in the “Plowing” area of missions. It takes time, energy and in many areas it’s hard and a thankless position of ministry. We will be playing ball with children in apartment complexes so we (and our Missionary friends) will build relationships with these families and they will have the opportunity to be invited into these families lives and homes in months and years to come, (Culturally being invited into their homes is a honor and deep friendship).

So please pray for our team as well as the other Go Students Mission Team that are going to Latvia, East Asia, Portugal, Cambodia, Canada, Portland, Seattle, Belize, Tulsa, Lawton and Oklahoma City.



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