Notes from Mark

Notes from Mark

Grace and Gratitude. As believers who desire to actively live for Christ these two must be demonstrated in our lives. I love what Dr. Selby preached two Sundays ago regarding this. It was something that my heart and soul needed to hear. Gratitude and grace fuels the Christian life. As we read and study the New Testament we see that grace permeates everything. Thus our lives should have every nook and cranny filled with the grace of Jesus Christ. The knowledge that Christ’s grace has saved us and changed us into new creatures should be in every detail of our lives. It is in every thought we have. We understand that there is absolutely nothing we have done to deserve God’s love and salvation and it shows in us. The action of gratitude becomes our lifestyle. This is something I am working on. Living my life so that gratitude shows to myself and others. Realizing that I am a grateful Christian in every circumstance. Too often I pick and choose when I am grateful and I realize how selfish that is.

Lord open my heart and mind so that I may live a life filled with gratitude and thankfulness toward you. Giving praise for your act of grace and mercy in my life.

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