What can I tell you about Madrid? Well, it’s hot and we are doing a lot of walking so far. We use public transportation to get around the city and have been averaging around 10 miles a day or around 20,000 steps. We have been working in an apartment area with children and have been averaging about 60+ children a day that we continue to build relationships with that will allow our FRIENDS here in Madrid to continue to build relationship with their families.

Like I said last week this is Ground Zero in Harvesting. We are breaking ground and busting up the soil. In most of the people we meet and interact with, we may not get to plant a Gospel seed but this is apart of the Harvest. We are doing God’s work, just not the part that is glamorous or even talked about or even celebrated. We have been working with FRIENDS here and they have been working tirelessly to build friendship not only to open door but to be prepared to walk with these families in supporting them and discipling them should and when the time comes when the Harvest is ready. Pray for the ministry, the plowing, the sowing and the harvest here in Madrid and our FRIENDS, too.


Notes from Mark


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