Perhaps one of the saddest words for us in the English language is disappointment. This one word can cause us so much hurt, frustration, even resentment. When we disappoint someone for whom we care, we feel sorrow, frustration, sadness, a sense of failure. For those whom we disappoint they feel many of the same emotions including a breaking of trust. Remember when Peter denied Christ 3 times and the sickening sorrow he felt? Even though Christ knew this would happen it still caused pain. For a believer our life is based on the love of God and when we break that there is pain of some sort. What do you do when disappointment comes? Do you take those hurts and frustrations to God? Think back to Peter, it was at the Sea Of Galilee that Jesus questions Peter 3 times and tells Peter to go about the work of the Kingdom. It was in this dialogue that Peter also experienced the refreshment of forgiveness. God is never too busy to deal with our lives, seek first the Kingdom of God. In living our lives as believers we must seek in each and every situation. We must not decide for God which problems are His to solve.

Do not lose the courage you had in the past, which has a great reward. You must hold on, so you can do what God wants and receive what He has promised.

Hebrews 10:15-16

Together we journey sharing in joys and sorrows and knowing all the while our God loves and cares for us. That is why when we gather as a body we are exhuberantly Singing His Praises!




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