Along the way over the last year I slowly began to find a comfort zone…but not a good one. I was going through a routine that was really just about surviving. I was doing the Christian Checklist of things you are suppose to do but not really anything more than that. The past few months some things within my life have made a change. Even within my life at home I was fulfilling the dad and husband checklist of what is expected but that was about it. From anyone on the outside you wouldn’t have noticed anything even being wrong. Then 2 months ago things changed. Lisa and I realized we didn’t like what that attitude was producing around us and we wanted something different. We wanted more than just surviving in our walk with Christ and in our marriage.

We have began doing things that we used to do spiritually and within our relationship that we have not done in a long time and some of these things we had never done. We have begun praying together before bed for each other, our kids, our church family and for people in our lives. We have started discussing our daily bible reading and devotionals with each other each night. We also have been holding hands and making sure that our affection for each other is us pursing each other and not just out of habit or requirement. We are making sure that our relationship with Jesus and each other is on purpose and with purpose not just survival.

John 10:10 tells us that “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly”

God wants us to not just to survive by doing the daily “checklist” he wants us to have life abundantly. He doesn’t just want us to have a good life but the best life. Begin today to live your life on purpose in what you do.




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