True Church Discipleship

True Church Discipleship

Last week, I shared an article by Dr. Thom S. Rainer, President and CEO of Lifeway Christian Resources. In his article titled “Seven Indicators Of True Church Discipleship, ” his second indicator of discipleship was “members are engaged in some type of Bible study group. Our small groups or Sunday School is so important. Assimilation into the church is five times
greater for those attending Sunday School as those who only attend worship services. Are you attending Sunday School? If not, why not? His third indicator was “members are sharing their faith on a regular basis.” Thom writes “In Acts 4:20, Paul and John declare to the Sanhedrin, ‘We cannot help but speak of the things we have seen and heard.’ True disciples of Jesus cannot be silent about their faith.” Are you sharing your faith with others? Again, if not, why not? Recently, we had a special day of training and encouragement in evangelism. We are equipped, but we do not act. Emmanuel wants to reach Weatherford for Jesus. Emmanuel wants to see people grow into fully committed followers of Jesus. Let’s be about attending Sunday School, inviting people to church, and telling people about Jesus! It is good for each of us, and good for our church!
– Bro. David

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