Wednesday Nights

Wednesday Nights

Our church is blessed on Wednesday nights! Our after-school program attracts over 80 children and over 40 middle-school students.

The children arrive to a snack and help with their homework. Thanks to the ladies who perform this ministry. Then, the children rotate through crafts, music, and recreation. Thanks to everyone who performs these ministries. Next, the children eat a free meal that is served to them by helpers. Thanks to those who serve and prepare those meals. Finally, the children are released to Team Kid and Mission Friends activities. Thanks to all the men and women who teach those classes.

Our middle-school students arrive and hang-out after school. Thanks to those who supervise them as they hang out. Then, the middle-school students eat a free meal and then attend their mid-week activities of worship, Bible Study, and small groups. Thanks to those who lead out and supervise during that time. Then, the middle-school students go to the gym and put up all the tables and chairs. They conclude their night shooting around with basketballs. Thanks to those who supervise and shoot hoops with the students.

Thanks to the adults who come and eat the fellowship meal on Wednesday nights and to those who attend the Encounter Service. When you pay your $5 for your meal, you help offset the cost of the 120+ free meals we have served that night so many children and middle-school students can hear about Jesus. Thanks to everyone who attends and serves on Wednesday nights…you are a blessing…

Bro. David

Before God


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